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Introduction: Who We Are

Welcome to Xiteb! We are a global, fully-fledged web and digital marketing agency helping companies and brands to realise their fullest potential on the WWW.

We not only take your brand online - we give it plenty of life, purpose and that extra ‘oomph’ to make your online presence a success! We understand that every brand has a unique identity and offer tailor-made solutions to all our customers.

Offering Web Designing and Development as well as Social Media services to a global clientele, Xiteb’s passion is to consistently deliver excellence and our dynamic team members will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to satisfy YOU, our customer!

Xiteb - Offering a truly unique and exciting web experience!

Web Design

Xiteb offers world-class Web Designing services in Sri Lanka. Our cutting-edge design concepts are highly creative, aesthetically pleasing and extremely eye-catching that it will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Your website needs to grab the attention of your potential customers in 7 seconds! During that time you need to offer your customer a good enough reason to stay on your website rather than going to your competitor's website. Your 7 seconds starts now!

Web Development

At Xiteb, we offer tailor-made websites that clearly communicates your unique brand identity to your stakeholders. In an ever-competitive online market, it is absolutely critical to have a web presence that stands out. A clear cut web strategy is critical and that's exactly what we offer you!

Being one of the leading Web Development companies in Sri Lanka, we can help you make it big on the WWW too!

Social Media

Conquering the Social Media sphere can be pretty challenging, especially with those who claim to be experts and are not. Xiteb will help you realise and the limitless opportunities that await you with our Social Media experts and branding gurus guiding you every step of the way. Customized industry-specific solutions that will help you reap rich benefits.

You can choose to be a 'Social Butterfly' or a 'Social Outcast'. It's all in your hands! Hop on and get 'Social' with Xiteb!

Want to join us?

Are you an out-of-the-box thinker? A passionate, self-motivated individual who constantly challenges the norm? A professional that walks the talk and leaves no stone unturned to satisfy your customer? If your answer is YES, Xiteb is looking for people just like you!

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Featured Work

Our Work defines exactly who we are. Over the years, Xiteb has strategized and delivered some of the most innovative web and digital marketing solutions, covering many business verticals and industries. Our work includes many international projects from across the globe.

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Paris Airport Pickup
Paris Airport Pickup

LB Finance
Asanka Sahabandu
Asanka Sahabandu

Custom CMS

Our Process: How we do it.

We understand that bespoke web and digital media solutions requires and in-depth understanding of both the subject as well as your brand. We don't believe in shortcuts. Our team of experts will patiently sit with you and understand the dynamics of your brand and then create a formidable strategy to help you/your brand conquer the web and digital sphere - better than your competitor. Our 6 step process of identifying, planning, creating, fine-tuning, implementing and above all monitoring helps our customers to unleash their limitless potential on the World Wide Web!







Some of our clients

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What our clients say

The success of any organisation depends on how satisfied their customers are. At Xiteb, we are fortunate to have served some of Colombo's best corporates. The professionalism and flair exhibited by Xiteb's dynamic team has ensured that all our projects have been satisfactorily implemented.

Happy clients will bring you more business. Here’s what some of our happy clients had to say about our work.

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