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Xiteb® Logistic Solutions

Use Our Cutting-Edge Technology to Streamline Your Logistic Operations

3PL logistic software automate the supply chain, inventory & transport processes for efficient logistic management

Logistic Solutions
Logistic Solutions

Logistic Operations Evolve With Agile and Real Time Decision Making

Xiteb® research led innovations will prompt you to take data - backed decisions at crunch moments

  • Delight your customer expectations with fully automated real time decision making
  • Get rid of manual processes that excruciate supply pain points with lengthy procedures

Xiteb® Warehouse Management

Maintain an Overview of Your Warehouse Management Operations

Xiteb® WMS automates your good storing and docking process and interact with your existing ERP. It basically ensures fast, efficient and transparent operations in your warehouse

  • Reduces the Operation Cost
  • Paperless Process
  • Inventory Security
  • Acceleration of Work Flow
  • Optimizes Work Planning
  • Easy to Use
  • Maximum Transparency
  • Inventory Tracking
Logistic Solutions

Read More About Xiteb® WMS - Affordable & Efficient

Warehouse is the linchpin in logistics. Automated warehouse software ensures that the entire material flow is automatically recorded, mapped and managed.

Key Features included in Inventory Management, QuickBooks Integration, Barcode scanning, Multiple location, Order management, Serial & Lot tracking, Shipping, CRM integration, Employee time tracking, Document automation and report generation.

Xiteb® Supply Chain Management

With Xiteb® WMS You Can Build Your Customized and Resilient Supply Chain

Allows you to dashboard monitoring, rapid operation and enhanced collaboration with your supply chain

Logistic Solutions

Add Intelligence to Your Logistics, Warehouse and
Supply Chain Management With Xiteb®

Interested? Call us today and book your free demo.Our online solutions for intellects ensure innovative and seamless experience with all our software solutions including e-Commerce and Woo Commerce, Cost tracking, Employee time tracking, Shipping & Logistics, Goods tracking, CRM & ERP solutions, Barcode scanning, Fleet management, Document management, Accounting & Finance and many more...

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