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eCommerce Website Development

Custom e-Commerce solution for your business

At Xiteb, we understand the significance of a personalized e-commerce strategy. Whether you require a bespoke solution or a swift launch with xCommerz, we've got your needs covered. Our cutting-edge technology ensures you get the finest e-commerce platform, tailored for national and international markets, accessible 24/7. It seamlessly integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, offering you the full package. Choose Xiteb and experience the difference we bring to e-commerce!"

e-Commerce solution for your business
Trendy features along with CTA Strategies

Trendy features along with CTA Strategies

With our Proven Professional Expertise, our clients enjoy a total solution, includes- UX Driven UI Designs, SEO friendly coding, Payment/SMS Gateways, Inventory management, Multilingual support, Reports, QA & Regular security checks.

Although an average e-com platform can help you in boosting your conversions, there isn't a guarantee for success.

However, Xiteb assures that our UX Driven eCommerce solution has evolved to keep various CTAs - content, shapes, colours, positions etc., to find out what works best for you to convert your platform to a 'lead generating engine’.


Either make it responsive or convert

Mobile retail commerce sales as a percentage has increased by 72.9% globally as per the statistics recorded by © Statista 2021.

The transaction value of mCommerce sales of $460 & $700 Billion, respectively in 2018 & 2019, is expected to reach $3.56 Trillion in 2021 globally.

Today, about 75% of the sales are generated via mobile platforms & as result of this rapid growth, either your eCommerce platform should be converted to mCommerce or should be fully mobile/device responsive.

Either make it responsive or convert

Why Choose Xiteb® for Your Online Store Development?

Choose the Optimal Platform
for Your Solution

Not all eCommerce and mCommerce platforms are equal. Before choosing a web development partner, consider the technology and clientele. Our approach tailors your online store to your needs, budget, and your customer's preferences.

A skilled and experienced team
with a proven track record

With our friendly and talented team, we guarantee 100% professional service at Xiteb. Our satisfied and loyal clientele speaks volumes about our professionalism. We invite you to consider this when choosing your solutions provider.

Flexible Payment Solutions
for Your Needs

When it comes to payments, one size doesn't fit all. Whether you prefer cash on delivery or online transactions, we tailor the payment options to meet your unique requirements and budget.

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Case Studies & Success Stories

The Farmer's Dog Marketing Strategy

The Farmer's Dog Marketing Strategy

The Farmer’s Dog is a direct-to-consumer brand that has made a immense change in the dog food industry. They needed to make overturn on marketing of the, burnt brown balls, which were highly-processed as natural products, so they started creating a different type of dog food in their own category. The transactions on the eCom site, which has the aim of sending dog food directly to customers. The online store consists of different varieties of food & also contains a survey that helps the users decide what type of food and what portion size they should feed their dogs.

They are now delivering millions of meals monthly, with a total revenue of over $100M via eCommerce platform and the brand has grown by 669% in recent years, since 2018.

Make Personalization a critical main factor in your business. A seamless customer journey is an expectation of today’s online shoppers, which helps them find and buy products that suit their needs in a quick and efficient way. Because of that, most brands tend to build their eCommerce platforms on customer experience with personalization.

Casper Disrupted the Mattress Industry

Casper Disrupted the Mattress Industry

Casper launched its eCommerce platform in 2014 & disrupted the mattress industry with a $1.1 billion valuation.

The innovative foam mattress products and a smart content marketing strategy helped Casper swiftly make a name and position their place in the mattress industry with the help of online store. Initially, no one expected an eCommerce platform to succeed and convince millions of customers to oder a foam mattress online. Their marketing strategy succeeded at getting potential customers to trust that they’d love a mattress they’d never touched when it arrived on their doorstep.

In this breakdown, we’ll analyze how the direct-to-consumer brand was able to build unprecedented trust and convince people to buy mattresses online with SEO as a strategy in Google search engine. The brand opened several physical stores, so they were not a completely online-based business earlier. Even though they still sell mattresses in physical stores, the majority of their growth was accomplished via their online business which is much cost effective compared to the investment on physical stores.

Urban Outfitters Rewards Program

Urban Outfitters Rewards Program

Urban Outfitters grew from a small Pennsylvania physical shop to a global retail giant in a span of 50 years. They’re fantastic at keeping in touch with Millennial and Gen Z culture, and their message always connects with their audience mainly online.

They were able to increase revenue per customer by 146% with their eCommerce platform. They introduced a rewards program and how it strengthens brand loyalty.

Unlike many ecommerce store owners, Urban Outfitters was so concerned with driving sales through meaningful human connections. Remember, customer loyalty is just as important as immediate sales revenue and generally leads to more sales in the long term.

Urban Outfitters conducted a study on customer loyalty and found that: 86% of customers join loyalty programs for rewards. 78% join for exclusive discounts. 78% of Millennials enroll into two or more loyalty programs.

Urban Outfitters knew they had to find a way to strengthen loyalty with their target customers online and a loyalty program seemed like the perfect solution for that.

Warby Parker Reached a $3 Billion

Warby Parker Reached a $3 Billion

The idea of buying eyeglasses online was uncharted territory for consumers a decade ago. But Warby Parker’s phenomenal marketing helped to overcome that challenge. Yes, style and affordability matter to customers. But these qualities don’t mean much if your glasses don’t fit.

Warby Parker personalizes their customers’ shopping experience at every opportunity & provides a guarantee that buyers get exactly what they want.

Their website crashed just after its official launch, their top 15 most popular styles sold out within 4 weeks, & they collected a waitlist of 20,000 customers during this time.

Warby Parker used to reach its target audience via its eCommerce platform so quickly & went on to become the $3-bn giant.

Warby Parker not only had to compete with designer brands on price & quality, but also reinvented the entire process of “trying & buying” new glasses via ecommerce.

Pioneers in the DTC space since 2010, the company now boasts a $3 bn valuation & millions of satisfied customers to their name with their online store.


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