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Xiteb® ATS

Join the Best ATS in Asia for Your Strategic Recruitment Solution

Xiteb® ATS is a recruitment software for job success notably simple yet reliable


Have a Collaborative Hiring Process. Achieve Your Dream Candidate With Us.

Successfully goes through the screening process to a mechanism with instant & reliable efficiency that releases recruiters from interviewing.

  • Career page with integrated application forms
  • Application form builder with custom questions, Schedule interviews, Team calendar, Email/SMS notifications

Ease of Xiteb® ATS

Hire for Attitude & Train for Skills to Develop With a Strategic Fit

Xiteb® Applicant Tacking System parses and stores resumed information in ways which make easy to filter candidates and search by keyword

  • Generate Summary Reports
  • Elevates Candidate Experience
  • Easy Interview Scheduling
  • Better & Faster CV Screening
  • Lower Cost Per Hire
  • Improve Quality of Hire

Modernize Your Recruiting Process With Us

Likewise Topjobs,LinkedIn,Facebook platforms our ATS improves communication between the recruiter & candidate more consistently,which helps both parties feel connected & informed throughout the process

Increases Candidate Interaction

Builds Incredible Experience While Fostering Facts to Get the Strategic Fit

Need to relax? No more hesitations,we identify the potential candidates as they move through the ATS


Kick-off Your Recruitment Stress Start Exploring Your Team With Xiteb® ATS

Manually screening of incoming applications for a new opening is overwhelming. Hiring candidates are easier than ever with Xiteb® ATS which enables HR professionals to hire in the most effective manner

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