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Restaurant Order Taking App

Ready to cater to your restaurant business needs with personalized App development solution?

Food Ordering App
Food Ordering App

Ordering food has never been easier

With the tablet ordering system, the burden of order-taking work can be greatly reduced, allowing the server to improve the restaurant's service of the store and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Send orders directly to POS and the kitchen
  • Quicker operations meaning faster table turn around time

Deliver a Standout Guest Experience

Mobile application adjusted to your restaurant

Our system will help you match the app layout to the appearance of your brand.

  • Convenient
  • Fully-Integrated
  • Faster order taking
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reliable table management
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Instant order transfer
  • Manage multiple orders easily
Food Ordering App

How our order taking app will be useful to your waiters?

The Xiteb Restaurant Order Taking App organizes your order taking in restaurant. It ensures that the dine-in and takeaway orders are delivered accurately. It has a seamless integration with the restaurant POS system and functions perfectly on your Android and iOS devices.

Elevated your Dining & customer experience

Improve your guest experience & Simplify your operations

Mobile App for restaurant order taking with real-time menu and instant order updates for faster and more accurate order management.

Food Ordering App

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