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Xiteb® DMS

Simplify How You Work With Documents

Document management has never been this easy. Experience the next generation of document management


Benefits of Xiteb® Document Management System

Instead of rows of filing cabinets, DMS creates an electronic archive that any authorized user can get access

  • Central repository for all documents
  • Global access via the internet
  • Complete search results in seconds
  • Reduced storage – paperless office
  • Protection against fire and water damage

Simplify How You Work With Documents

The digitized solution is the best suited for companies dealing with large amounts of paper in their business processes

  • Document Capture
  • Storing
  • Approve Documents
  • Document Indexing
  • Sharing & Versioning
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The Most User-friendly DMS in the World

Full-featured document management software from Xiteb® is feature-rich and affordable. Its suitability of features provides for document scanning, capturing, indexing, storage, searching, versioning, and document workflow reviewing and approval. Xiteb® DMS makes it easy for organizations to improve security, increase compliance, streamline operations and reduce the use of paper while saving time and money. “Go paperless, go green” with Xiteb® document management software.

Meet Your Document Needs and Business Goals

Experience the robust features empowering your business uses to simplify & optimize any document process. Get a quotation now!


The Most Trusted Document Management Software

See for yourself just how powerful and painless document management can be. See it today!

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