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Xiteb® Patient Management

One Intuitive Platform to Manage All Your Medical & Hospital Information Effortlessly

The best patient care system in the healthcare industry that works seamlessly on web and mobile

Patient Management
Patient Management

For Healthcare Institutes, Hospitals and Private Practitioners

Tracks Patient history, Diagnoses, Prescribes all medical records from admission to discharge

  • Cryptographic protocols secure patient’s privacy and confidentiality by eliminating unauthorized access to the medical records & patient misidentification

Automate the Process

Better Performance & Efficiency for Clinics, Hospitals & Doctors With Xiteb® PMS

Provides affordable & reliable solutions for Hospitals and Clinics in both General Patient Management, and Inpatient tracking from check-in to check-out

  • Automates the Admission Process
  • Room Management
  • Insurance Settlement
  • Records and Prints Advance Payments
  • Bill Calculation
  • Discharge Process
Patient Management

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Xiteb® Patient Management System predicts patient cancellation and 'no show' up to 99% accuracy. It facilitates automatic text and e-mail reminders to schedule the appointment effectively.

Reduce Clutter in Patient Management

Integrate With Existing EMR/EHR System for a Seamless Operation

Improve care coordination, Patient flow & Patient experience, and reduce bottlenecks cause patient delays

Patient Management

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