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Xiteb® IPO Management Portal

Apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Online

Apply online and invest in companies listing on the exchanges with an IPO (Initial Public Offering) with Xiteb® IPO Management Portal.

IPO Management Portal
IPO Management Portal

Applying for IPOs has never been this easy.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first time issue of shares to the public and listing of stock exchanges. It can be a Fresh Issue of shares, Offer for Sale by existing shareholders or a mixture of both. Application for subscribing for an IPO can be done through Online very easily through the IPO Management Portal.

  • Ability to see all IPOs at one place
  • Apply for IPOs very easily

Ease of Xiteb® IPO Management Portal

Why Should Stock Brokers Invest in Xiteb® IPO Management Portal?

IPO Management Portal make it possible for busy investors to involve in new IPOs easily. Also they can see all available IPOs in one place so they can take decisions very easily.

All in all, Stock Brokers will benefit both in terms of money and fame.

IPO Management Portal

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