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Xiteb® Gold Loan Management

Best & Flawless Gold Loan Management Software to All Finance Companies & Banks

Offers secure, reliable, user-friendly and stable operations with advance cloud based technology

Gold Loan Management
Gold Loan Management

Automates the Total Loan or Pawning Process and Accelerate the Customer Service

Enables you to monitor and control all branches by Gold Loan Operations with a custom dashboard view

  • Advance Data Protection With Firewall & End-to-End Encryption
  • User Authentication and Password That Protects Your Operations From Malware & Cyber Threats

Automate Debt Management

Digitalize the State of the Art With Xiteb® Gold Loan Management Software

Provides affordable & reliable solutions for all Finance companies, Credit providers, Banks, and Jewelry & Pawn Brokers to reduce the operational cost & TAT

  • Single Dashboard
  • Interest Calculator
  • Document Automation
  • Inventory Management
  • Handle Multiple Branches
  • Report Generation
Gold Loan Management

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Xiteb® tailor made Gold Loan Management Software facilitates mortgage management, audit trail management and loan accounting with an integrated accounting analytic system.

Reduce Complexity in Loan Accounting

Increase Efficiency With Xiteb® Gold Loan Management System

Allows you to dashboard monitoring, rapid operation with increased customer satisfaction

Gold Loan Management

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