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Xiteb® Agro Mobile App

Automated Solution for Manage Your Harvest

Easy-to-use, All-in-one digital solution designed to manage your harvest in any Agro business.

IPO Management Portal
IPO Management Portal

Managing your harvest has never been this simple

Managing harvest requires a lot of human labor, costs and the possibility of errors in data management during the process is high. Xiteb® Agro Mobile App helps to easily get rid of those risks on your business by making more profit through streamlining the Harvest Management processes

  • Streamlining the harvest collection process
  • Time saving and user friendliness
  • Ease of managing harvest collection data

Speciality of Xiteb® Agro Mobile App

Why should you invest on Xiteb® Agro Mobile App?

The solution provides a 360-degree view of harvest management, suitable for all types of agribusinesses

  • Manage Estates, Divisions and Factory details
  • Manage details of harvest pluckers, supervisors and factory managers.
  • Record crop details through Bluetooth and NFC technology.
  • View Reports on harvest Collection
  • Admin dashboard
IPO Management Portal

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